Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Personality Test Reviews

Myers Brigg Test

Taking this test was challenging as some of the questions were tricky and required deep introspect before answering.  I had to be completely honest when answering the questions. This test has described my personality in a thorough manner. My major personality traits according to this test are Introversion, Intuitiveness, Feeling and Judging (INFJ). I scored highest on introversion and Intuition, both having 28%. My scores on both Feeling and Judging were 3%. Reading through the description of this personality made me feel as if whoever wrote that knew me intimately.  

Persons with INFJ personality are often concerned with human relationships and also in the overall wellbeing of humanity. Despite being introverts, they are often mistaken for extraverts. This is so true in my case, as I tend to get interested in people that I come across. I try to know their like and dislikes, their history and what is going on in their lives. I often do that in a discreet manner and might just assist them when they least expect it. Doing that brings me a lot of joy.

I am very selective with regards to the people I confide in. while I have many acquaintances very few people are in my inner circle. I vet people unconsciously and let in few select persons in my inner circle. I also tend to value my me-time. This often happens during the weekends when I seclude myself to either read or watch films. During such moments, I get very annoyed if someone disturbs my peace. There is an alternation between involvement and attachment for persons with this personality. This statement has helped in making me understand that my unexpected behaviors are normal and acceptable. Hence, I am in full agreement with results of this test. They have helped me understand myself better and evaluate how successful I will be in my career.

Big Five Trait Theory

            The Big Five Trait Theory measured five aspects of my personality. These aspects include open-mindedness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and negative emotionality. In terms of open-mindedness, my scores placed me at the 58th percentile. The implication of this score is that I do not usually seek out new experiences. I find this true, as I tend to be skeptical whenever I am in a new environment or about to do something new. I do not consider myself spontaneous. I scored at the 71st percentile for conscientiousness. This means that I am a well-organized person and very reliable. This was pleasing to discover.

            The scores on extraversion placed me at 34th percentile. This is low, meaning that I do not like to be in the limelight. I tend to be reserved especially in unfamiliar social places. Sometimes I get social anxiety when I am in a place full of unfamiliar faces. I scored low on agreeableness (24th percentile). I guess this has to do with my high conscientiousness score, which makes me have low tolerance for unreliable and disorganized people. This is manifested by expressing my irritation with other people. Negative emotionality was a medium low score for me. This means that I have a balance between being nervous and staying calm. The scores and descriptions of my personality in this test are accurate.

The Four Temperants test

This test revealed that I have a Sanguine temperament. Sanguine persons are very social and prefer dealing with other people who are equally exciting. They often avoid people who appear dull and are not trustworthy with secrets. They are very expressive and love bonding with others in a playful manner. They can get very emotional only to come and apologize about it later on. Their interactions with friends are full of drama, but are also very forgiving. They are bubbly and have an overt sense of humor. Action oriented individuals, they are also attention seeking and go out of their way to get compliments. They seek to become popular in their group by either fitting in or being different. They often make a fool of themselves publicly but the embarrassment is outweighed by the pleasure they get from the attention. They pay a lot of attention to how they look and have an inclination towards vanity. I do not agree with the personality that this test has assigned me. I am too reserved to exhibit the characteristics of a Sanguine.

Greek Temperant

            The Greek Temperant test has describe me as Phlegmatic. The initial description of this personality of being empathetic, nurturing, spiritually inclined, calm, empathetic and faithful are very flattering. However, it describes the personality also as passive, sentimental and emotional. In as much as would like to deny possessing the latter qualities, it behooves to me to analyze my behavior critically and determine whether I exhibit those characteristics as well. I do not particularly appreciate the description of the bodily functions of a phlegmatic person, as most of them are embarrassing. The inclination to stay at home and watch movies instead of going out describes me well. I agree with the outcome of this personality because most of descriptions are on point.