Sample Psychology Essay Paper on Critical Thinking Reflection

Critical Thinking Reflection

 Critical thinking plays an essential role in modern times education. The strategies evident in critical thinking are suitable in search of dependable and appropriate knowledge. In the program, I have learned to utilize critical thinking given by the fact that I am not used to drawing my thoughts in research and other issues in the area of psychology. I have learned that any researcher uses critical thinking when undertaking a research proposal. In the process, I also realized the important questions that one should consider while researching an article. The questions are the purpose of the source, the main idea or theme, the reason for the creation of the material, the targeted audience, and the contribution the source makes to a given research study (Elder, L., & Paul, 2004). The questions are essential in reviewing the literature of other scholars which can help in presenting my thoughts. Since I have had a tendency to give my ideas in a small subset of words, critical thinking has been critical in expanding my thoughts, and I am better in writing on psychological issues and other areas of my education.

 Critical thinking skills have also helped me to overcome my weaknesses. Before the program started, I had one major flaw; I was narrow-minded to the extent that I could not figure out the number of possible options when faced with an issue. The weakness had a negative influence on my side since I could not think beyond my boundaries when faced when complex problems or concerns. For instance, out of many possible solutions that could be derived from a given issue, I could only see two solutions. In the program, I have learned that I should apply critical thinking both in simple and complex problems to not only think about solutions to a challenge but also to creatively implement the solutions.

            There are a variety of areas that I have improved in my critical thinking skills. First, I have expanded my thoughts. In most cases, my thoughts have been limited, but with the skills attained in the program, I have discovered that the quality of ideas matters. The excellence of thoughts is something to valued, cultivated and practiced. I have been able to expand my thoughts by being able to explain different viewpoints. I realized that growth only happens when I am forced to move out of my boundaries and articulate the views of others and thus am beginning to acquire the traits of a fair-minded person rather than the selfish nature (Mazur, G., & Ringenbach, 2014). Additionally, I have developed good foresight and active listening skills. Listening more than speaking is essential. I learned that if I talk immediately, I lose the time to be able to do in-depth critical thinking. Also, talking a lot rather than listening interrupts others, and one cannot take time to listen to other perspectives or thoughts. In the program, I have developed the aspect of being my biggest self-critic which I think is essential. The element has helped me to question, correct and validate problems I have in my thinking.

 I have been able to apply critical thinking skills when studying issues related to psychology. For instance, I can analyze information more efficiently in this major because there is a lot of information I come across. I can identify relationships among ideas, and this helps me to see different perceptions about an idea. Nevertheless, there is an area of critical thinking which I still consider as a weakness. I have not been able to overcome intellectual perseverance. I tend to give up when things become difficult for me although I am working hard to overcome this weakness


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