Sample Psychology Essay Summary on Social Psychology, Social Phobia and Social Influence

Social Psychology, Social Phobia and Social Influence

Social psychology, social phobia and social influence are three concepts of social life that impact human lives in various ways. Based on the precepts of modern history, various definitions have been accorded to these concepts. It is from these definitions that social psychology is defined as the influences that the presence of people has on others. The influence may be through changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors of the people involved. Social psychology can violate the norms of normal reasoning through creation of cognitive errors (Harbour et al 496). Such errors may include social enhancement and misuse of social information among other effects.

On the other hand, social psychology may result in various shortcomings such as contradictions in thought. Social phobia is another subject that needs definition. From modern history, social phobia is described as the most common challenge that affects people across the board in social life. The condition is identified through characteristics such as anxiety, impaired judgment and suicidal behaviors among others (Den 797). Social phobia can only be treated through medical interventions during which the most appropriate medications are provided to the sufferers of the condition.

Social influence on the other hand is a widespread phenomenon. It involves the cumulative effects of a person’s or group’s powers on the behaviors of others. Through social psychology, it has been discovered that a person is changed in several ways through social influence. The three aspects of social psychology, social phobia and social influence are interrelated and cannot be separated. Both social influence and social psychology are founded on the ability to influence others through persuasion. On the other hand, social phobia opines that social influence is synonymous to coercion.


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