Sample Psychology Coursework Paper Summary on the State of Counseling Profession

The State of Counseling Profession

The counseling profession helps humans to address psychological disturbing occurrences. Through counseling, it is possible for people to address the disturbing circumstances that they go through. The technological advancements in contemporary times have led to changes in the complexity of human problems as well as increased efficiency in the counseling profession. The counseling career began in the historic times and has continued to be recognized against professions. Currently, there is licensing specifically for the counseling career across all states which makes it a legal profession.

The interrelations between the counseling career and medical practice are intense since it involves the use of various principles such as cognitive- behavioral approaches. Despite its effectiveness and positive aspects, the counseling career faces certain challenges. One of the key challenges to the career is the negative perception associated with the profession. Additionally, the profession also lacks support from various other professional quarters. Dynamic technological advancements also have great impact on the profession in terms of challenges (Hartung, 2005).

The challenge posed by technological advancement is the fact that the profession may not be able to keep up with the changes. Moreover, the information that circulates by the virtue of technological advancement lacks credibility in most cases hence cannot be relied on to effectively help people address their problems. Another challenge cited by Herr (2007) is that of cultural encapsulation. Being taken in to aspects such as tribalism, racism and other cultural aspects contributes immensely to difficulties in achieving counseling objectives. It is therefore recommended that counseling professional practices should be supported through provision of technological training, incorporation of neuroscience concepts in practice and practicing with integrity and accountability.




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