Sample Psychology Coursework Paper Summary on Brain Functioning

Brain Functioning

  1. Explain the wrinkled cortex that is prevalent in animals with large brains and how the folds in the cortex are linked to complex patterns of behavior

The cortex which is the outermost layer of the brain indicates the most recent changes in evolutionary process. The cortex is structured in folds and bumps referred to as sulci and gyri respectively. The diverse behavioral characteristics and large brains make the cortex of large brained animals to have more of the gyri and sulci compared to the brains of smaller animals. The folds increase the brain surface area making it adaptable to complex functioning.

  1. Explain the extent to which various factors affect study of and understanding human brain function

Aspects such as culture, diet and social influences affect the study of and understanding of human brain functioning. The neural system develops in the areas of sensors, instinctive, mental response, consciousness and intellectual growth. Due to this, the human brain uses intuitive and instinctive mechanisms that can be enhanced through training for intelligence, logic acquisition and facilitation of reasoning. When the factors of culture, diet and social influence hinder the development of the neural system, they subsequently affect brain functioning.

  1. Describe one scale that can be used in the assessment of disability, consciousness and functioning levels with respect to traumatic brain injury.

The Glasgow Coma scale can be used to assess brain injury as mild, moderate or severe. The scale operates through relation of brain function to the performance of various activities and to the injury level. The scales report high scores for mild injuries and lower scores for more severe injuries. This is because severe injury results in greater reduction of performance capabilities.

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