Sample Psychology Book Reviews On Nature vs. Nurture

Homework Question on Nature vs. Nurture

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Homework Answer on Nature vs. Nurture

Individual who support nature believe that some particular traits in human beings are as result of individual’s life experiences and also through biological genes that they are born with. Though there is enough proof that all these aspects, naturalists seem to make the greatest stride in supporting their claim that the genes are actually as a result of genes.

Some of the characteristics human beings display are as a result of individual’s personal experiences. Therefore, genes and environment work hand in hand in influencing human behavior. Among the factors that naturalists state as the main causes of the traits that individuals display include relationships, mode of upbringing and social encounters with other individuals. They further assert that the particular behaviors that individuals display are inherited from one individual to the other; also these traits can be learnt through observation.

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On their part, naturalists are in total disagreement with the nativists stating that biological genes are the main causes of the particular behavioral characteristics individuals display. They further state that these traits are transferred from parent to young one through evolution. It’s only through manipulation of the genes that individuals are able to change their behavioral traits. According to naturalists if a parent of a certain offspring has a certain disorder such as schizophrenia there are minimal chances that the offspring will be born without that disorder due to the process of gene transfer.