Sample Psychology Article Review Paper on Personality and Cognitive Decline in Older Adults: Data From a Longitudinal Sample and Meta-Analysis

*Review the purpose of the article by discussing the participants, design, results, and major conclusions OR theory, subcomponents of the theory, and major conclusions, and your critique of or further questions generated by the theory/research presented*

The scoring for this presentation will be based on accuracy, completeness, and quality of critical
thinking. Points will be deducted for significant weaknesses in the presentation, e.g., inaccuracy, incoherence, disorganization, lack of critical thinking, etc. DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE DISCUSSION QUESTIONS AT THE END.

___ Paper Presentation (15 points)
___ Review the purpose of the article (1)
___ Overview of the participants and design OR overview of the theory (1)
___ Describe results and major conclusions OR major conclusions of the theory (2)
___ Discuss your critique and/or questions of the research/theory presented (2)
___ Quality of Discussion Questions or Group Activity (1.5)