Sample Presentations Essay Paper on Management and Control of Hazardous Materials

Management and control of hazardous materials

The top three trends in U.S. Army Hazmat Operations are Environmental Compliance, Excessive Generation of Hazard Waste, and the Hazardous Inventory Control System. Due to the US military active involvement in different wars over the decades, it has resulted in their implementation of systems, structures, and strategies to manage their waste that could pose a danger to environmental sustenance. One report by Linda Rice has developed a management system that identifies problems associated with waste disposal of explosives and arms due to their poor storage (3). This report details how waste and hazardous materials can be maintained, controlled, stored, and transported in a manner that does not damage the environment. This analogy is repeated by the department of defense policy manual that not only looks at the safe storage of arms and explosives but also their effective acquisition, distribution, and effectual disposal once they their use has been exhausted (12).

            Another article by the US senate looks at ways of management of the acquisition and control process of arms, explosives, and other waste materials. It looks at the effectiveness of policies currently in use for this objective, and provides recommendations for better manager of Hazmats (8). The management of hazard materials is echoed in another article by the Public Works Technical Bulletin that seeks to identify and formulate methodologies for management of hazardous materials at all army locations. This article also identifies the different hazardous materials programs, some of the policies being implemented at army installations, and the legal laws and regulations governing management and disposal of hazardous materials (A-3). Finally, the article by the department of defense looks at some of the mechanisms that can be used for disposal of hazardous materials on a grand scale (Chapter 10).

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