Sample Political Science Paper Summary on Perfect Candidate

Perfect Candidate

The perfect candidate is a person capable of mobilizing others towards hard work in tax contribution and in the safeguarding of the wealth belonging to the countries. The qualities of a perfect candidate include intolerance to corruption, poverty alleviation initiative, and experience in governance towards achievement of national goals. In order to qualify as the perfect candidate, it is necessary for the potential candidate to be engaged in charity works and offers guidance to the sitting government.

Intolerance to corruption is a desirable quality as corruption denies the citizens an opportunity to enjoy their freedoms and to exercise their rights. Poverty alleviation strategies that could be applied include increase of employment opportunities for youths. The outlined attributes will increase the chances of leading the nation to greater achievements (Trent and others 123).

The candidate I select as my best is most qualified in line with this attributes. This is because he is the most experienced among other candidates in terms of public administration. In addition to this, the candidate also has the best agenda for the country. In his mid-sixties, my candidate of choice is the youngest among the contenders. I consider this age to be an advantage since most of the voters fall between twenty and 55 years (Gaffey 120).

Despite these advantages, my chosen candidate still falls short of the ideal candidate characteristics. First, he does not possess any firsthand experience with regards to vice presidency or any other post of equal measure. In addition to this, my candidate has previously been cited making discriminating speeches against some communities and ethnic groups within America. Because of the constant nature of his controversial speeches, this may paint him in a negative light.

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