Sample Political Science Paper Summary: Globalization Environment in this World

Globalization Environment in this World

Technological advancements in the world today have led to the integration of communities, which is in other terms called globalization. This has in effect caused various economic, social and cultural changes across the world. Globalization has also been blamed for adverse effects such as climate change which has caused various negative impacts on the world today. While globalization has resulted in economic growth in several sectors, this economic growth has the potential of resulting in more negative impacts. The natural environment has been affected significantly through globalization. The need for industrialization and cheap labor has led to destruction of natural environments due to conflicts between humans and the wild.

Apart from this, globalization is also linked to global warming due to greenhouse gas emissions. The impacts of this on the environment are negative such as biodiversity loss (Held & McGrew, 2007). On the other hand, globalization has enhanced the creation of awareness for environmental conservation among many corporations (Westerfield, 2004). This can be considered to be a positive effect as it is aimed at reducing the greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of productivity, globalization has helped to increase efficiency through enhanced competition and competency in business operations.

Moreover, democracy is enhanced through globalization. Because of increased democracy and transparency that comes about due to globalization, there has been an increase in job loss, wage disparity and decline of incomes particularly in the less developed countries where it is presumed that the developed countries invest and source cheap labor (Westerfield, 2004). Other impacts of globalization occur in aspects such as governance and culture which is modified based on lessons learned from other governments and cultures respectively.  Foreign direct investments are considered as one of the pushers of governance and cultural changes as a result of globalization.




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