Sample Political Science Paper on US Foreign Policy

Entry 1: Who makes US foreign policy? (500 words)

Saunders, Elizabeth (2015) “War and the Inner Circle: Democratic elites and the politics of using force.” Security Studies 24(3), 466-501

Porter, Patrick (2018) “Why America’s Grand Strategy Has Not Changed: Power, Habit and the US Foreign Policy Establishment”, International Security, 42(4), 9-46
Entry 2: Identity, Interests and Exceptionalism in US Foreign Policy (500 words)

Roxanne Doty (1993) “Foreign Policy as Social Construction: A Post-Positivist Analysis of U.S. Counterinsurgency Policy in the Philippines”, International Studies Quarterly, 37(3), 297–320

Jutta Weldes (1996) “Constructing National Interests”, European Journal of International Relations, 2(3), 275–318
Entry 3: What Makes America Powerful? Hard, Soft and ‘Smart’ Power (500 words)

Nye, Joseph (2004) “Soft Power and American Foreign Policy.” Political Science Quarterly, 119(2),255-70.

Chapter 4 “The Evolution of Military Power: An American Way of War?” in Brian Mabee (2013)Understanding American Power, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan
Entry 4: The Emergence of a Global Power Required Reading: (500 words)

Woodrow Wilson – “The Fourteen Points”, 8th January 1918

Chapter 3: “The Lost Alliance: Ideas and Alternatives in American Grand Strategy, 1918-1921” in Colin Dueck (2006) Reluctant crusaders: Power, culture, and change in American grand strategy, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

Dueck, Colin (2017) “Theodore Roosevelt and American Realism”, Orbis, 61(4), 541-560
Entry 5: US foreign policy during the Cold War (500 words)

Chapter 4: “Conceiving Containment: Ideas and Alternatives in American Grand Strategy: 1945-1951” in Colin Dueck (2006) Reluctant crusaders: Power, culture, and change in American grand strategy, Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press

Chester Pach (2006) “The Reagan Doctrine: Principle, Pragmatism, and Policy”, Presidential Studies Quarterly, 36(1), 75-88.

Harry Truman – “Address to a Joint Session of Congress”, 12th March 1947

Ronald Reagan – “Address to UK Parliament”, 8th June 1982
Answer some of following questions in the reading assignment:

• What did I find most interesting or engaging about this week’s topic? Why specifically did I find it interesting or engaging?
• What did I find complicated or difficult to understand about the week’s topic? Why was this?
• How did the themes evident in the reading and/or tutorial relate to things that I’ve read about 
US foreign policy in newspapers or seen on TV?
• What themes or issues emerged from my background reading this week? What are my personal opinions and reflections on these themes? Why have I arrived at these opinions?
• What would I do in response to a specific political problem we discussed? How do I think it should be rectified?
• Did anyone contribute anything particularly interesting to the tutorial or did I disagree with anyone’s viewpoint? Why did I find one point of view more convincing than another? 
 ( u don’t have to do that)
• How does this week’s topic fit in with the themes and concepts we’ve looked at in previous weeks? How does it all fit together into a broader intellectual debate?

500 words per reading assignment its a total of 4 so total 2000 words

I also attached 2 samples of the reading assignment you should follow the same structure but not copy it. I know I bought 2750 words but make each entry 500 that will be a total of 2500 words (referencing not included)