Sample Political Science Paper on Suggestions for Family Research Council (FRC)


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Date: 12/08/2015

Re: Suggestions for Family Research Council (FRC)

  • Family research council will focus on the mobilizing the 2016 elections in a number of ways. These ways will be characterized by the following measures undertaken to facilitate the endeavor.
    • The First thing to do is to lobby for communities members to increase organization membership. This will be done through enrolment of young Americans into the group through social media platforms.
    • Campaign and support a candidate that represents and promotes the agenda of the group. The group stands to encouragement ethical family formation.
    • Liaison with other groups that promotes social welfare in the community and protect the right of family units.
  • Discussion
  • The first point is on enrolment of new members. The youth forms the largest portion of the United States population hence engaging them into active politic will change the nature of politic in the country. Family research council will use the social platform for enrolment such as face book, tweeter, what up and webpage to promote its agenda and keep in touch with members (Singh 23). Doing this will facilitates communication and sharing of ideas amongst members. Being a Christian group, family research council is assured of massive enrolment and contribution from the Christian fraternity (Sheridan, Edwards, Marvin, and Knoche 130). However, it should not limit membership to Christian affiliated citizens rather should invite all citizens for subscription. Diversity in the group is necessary for idea generation and criticism that is an ingredient for development (Singh 45).
  • Using the established social platforms, the group is deemed to rally behind one of the candidates in the presidential elections who buys in to ideological concept and manifesto of the group. Thus, FRC organization will benefit from donations and support from the government in the event the candidates wins. However, this is not the main agenda for the firm rather the main aim is to promote traditional marriages where a man gets married to a female counterpart. This is also the best time to reach out to the youths hence educating them to desist from unethical behaviors such as homosexuality, lesbianism and divorces (Singh 34).
  • The fight against gay marriages, divorce and lesbianism marriages will attract positive minded groups to work in unison. Combining effort will increase the group bargaining power thus attracting political parties. This ensures that the group is in a position to influence the political agenda amongst the politicians especially during the coming elections in 2016. The management is trusted in making formidable deals that will last even after elections (Sheridan, Edwards, Marvin, and Knoche 125).
  • conclusion
  • Therefore, we find that FRC is an organization that advocates for positive and ethical family formation. A family is a unit in the society hence influences politics in a great way. Enrolling of members especially the youth will enhance contribution and education matters advocated by the group. Social media communication is very crucial in criticizing political ideologies that tend to discourage ethical issues in the community. This goes hand in hand with liaison with other groups in the same line of business. These groups will usher in new efforts and ideas that are central to the growth of social group. The process of garnering support for political leaders depends on the alignment of the party’s agenda with the organization goals and objectives. These are just but a few of the things that the organization can engage in to ensure that they are on the forefront in the coming elections.

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