Sample Political Science Paper on Public Opinion: Divided by Race

Several administrations have thrived from the loud and sometimes silent racial tension in the United States. Tension  [jc1] heralded by implementing policies intending to gag African Americans and other minorities in the United States. Such acts of oppression[jc2]  elicited public outcry necessitating the formation of a ‘public voice’ that represents the public’s perspective. The political class represents the people hence it is obligated to listen and voice the plight of those they represent.

Public opinions matter in policy development in every country. Civil rights and public opinion are inseparable. American leadership usually strives to work in tandem with the public views to remain relevant and appear to resonate with the people’s wishes. Additionally, foreign and internal policies are molded from public opinion. However, the .administrations failed to make follow-up on issues deemed to be sensitive and which could upset the racial balance in areas predominantly associated with a particular race.[jc3]  Whether it meant sending out troops or their withdrawal, the power lay in the people.[jc4]  Administrations world over also formulate their action plans strategically in line with public opinion. The September 11 attacks and the America-led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq necessitated by public outcry against terrorism are examples of the power of public opinion[jc5].

The origin of political socialization is the school and family. The political and racial talk begins in households. In the course of their discussions, echoed sentiments by adults are overheard by children. Over time, the children understand what is under discussion and form their own ideas and opinions. They then take a stand on these issues, mostly that of their parents,’ which then form the basis of public opinion. Schools are the origin of civics because it is via this platform that basic leadership and the civic rights to vote are exercised through election of class officers and school presidents. It basically gives the children and later on the adults knowledge of civil democracy. These values inculcated at this basic stage deepen and form political beliefs of people, which they abide by probably for the entirety of their lives. Therefore, politics is cyclic and does not begin in congress.

Expression of public opinion is important in influencing planning activities in the national government and federal states. It is expressed in distinct ways and places. For example, in the elections, the majority of the public must believe in the manifesto and policies of a candidate for him or her to win. Direct communication through writing emails and blogs giving comments, both positive and negative, on certain policy issues to the political class[jc6]  are invaluable sources of public opinion to the administration. Public acts of demonstration and picketing to show displeasure at how certain issues are being handled or against a certain policy can swing leadership action for and, or against it. The advent of social media has eased the expression of opinions and perspectives as well as networking to the grassroots. Social media platforms are by far the only way in which, the least significant can reach the most influential.. Social media platforms are also the easiest way of forming lobby groups and paperless voting on various debates or contentious politicians on talk shows.

Racial interactions are governed by delicate parameters socially. Pollsters carry out polling surveys to collect public views or raise awareness about different subjects. The timing of the surveys and framing of the poll questions are among the racially sensitive parameters. Voting patterns among the races will shift drastically if a survey is aimed at lifting or favoring one race, majority or minority, over the other races. Historical, legal, and economic disparities among the races bring about conservatism and liberalism on societal issues.

However there is hope that the changing demographic patterns in the country will bring about a paradigm shift in the voting, development, and racial interaction patterns in the country.

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