Sample Political Science Paper on memo to your head of state recommending steps for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the food system

Memo Topic:

You are an environment minister of country x (Please specify which country). Please write a memo to your head of state recommending steps for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the food system in your country.

I prefer to choose Saudi Arabia. But, if it is hard to talk about Saudi Arabia due to a lack of data backup, please let me know which country you will choose.


Memo Guidelines:


  • Please write a memo identifying an issue for decision to a head of state, minister or other senior government


  • The memo should provide background facts, analyze at least three separate options for addressing the issue (identifying pros and cons of each in bullet form), and recommend one of those options (explaining why).


  • Length. 1000 word minimum. No



Detailed Guidance:


The decision memo should have four parts: opening paragraphs, Background, Options and Recommendation.


  1. The opening paragraphs should start with a clear statement of purpose for the memo: such as:

Start with the theme sentence.

The purpose of every memo should be stated in its first or second sentence, such as: Examples:

  • “This memo provides background on… “
  • “This memo summarizes…”
  • “This memo seeks your guidance on…”
  • “This memo seeks your decision on…”
  • “This memo responds to your request for…”
  • “The purpose of this memorandum is…” “This memo recommends…”

“This memo considers several options for responding to                                                                              .” “This memo responds to your request for advice on….”


The opening paragraphs should also briefly summarize the memo (so the reader gets the main point without reading the details that follow).


  1. The Background section should provide the key information you think the boss needs to know to make the decision.


  1. The Options section should describe each option. It should identify pros and cons for each option, using bullets. The Options section should not provide additional background information, except in very limited amounts. (Background facts should be in the Background section.) You should present three


  1. The Recommendation section should present your recommendation, with a clear statement of


  1. Be concise. Keep sentences short. No unnecessary words. Every word in your memo should have a purpose. Use parallel