Sample Political Science Paper On Israeli Elections

Homework Question on Israeli Elections in 2015

  1. Write about The current Israeli election
  2. The parties that were involved
  3. The challenges that happens among them

Homework Answer on Israeli Elections in 2015

Snap polls for the twentieth Parliament of Israel were held in March 2015. Disagreements between the ruling coalition of the Likud party, Yesh Atid party and The Jewish Home party led to the decision by then Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to call for early elections. All ministerial positions in the government were shared between the three respective parties. Disagreements on policies were the main source of the disagreements.

For instance, the government had shown interests of annexing West Bank Settlements and Finance Minister Lapid of the Yesh Atid party threatened to bring down the government if this plan pursued. The Justice Minister from the Hatanua party, Livni, threatened to quit government. This was because of the call by Ariel made for more houses to be built in West bank after Hamas and Fatah of Palestine struck an agreement.

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Benet of the Jewish home, alongside many Likud party members supported the intentions of constructing more settlements in the West Bank. These disagreements threatened to bring the coalition apart and the best solution was to go to election and re-strategize (Strickland, 2015 1).The parties involved in the election were the Likud Party, led by Benjamin Netanyahu the incumbent. This party won 30 seats. The Zionist union led by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni came in second with 24 seats.