Sample Political Science Paper On Immigration Problems in the U.S

Homework Question on Immigration Problems in the U.S

  1. Choose a contemporary and specific political problem and use this problem to illustrate the relationship between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of the US Government established in the US Constitution and through the evolution of governmental power.
  2. What is being done with respect to your problem and how does that action (or inaction) show us the respective powers of each branch. As you answer this question be sure to clearly discuss (in brief) the core responsibilities, functions, and powers of each branch. Given the system of checks and balances what factors contribute to action and/or inaction to solve the problem you have chosen?
  3. Draw upon your group chapters and news stories linked to the American Government and Politics magazine (Links below.).  Resource:

Homework Answer on Immigration Problems in the U.S

Immigration problems are one of the top political problems facing the U.S government. The problem has promoted questions on the ability of both the U.S congress and the president to institute total systematic reforms. The political problem emphasizes on the need to implement relevant policies to enhance the efficiency of visa processing and number of visas available. In order to deal with the immigration problem, the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the U.S government must work together (Abrajano and Zoltan 45).

The legislative branch includes the U.S congress that makes laws, while the judicial branch helps in the interpretation of the set laws. The executive branch is expected to implement laws and regulations effectively in the society.The federal and state governments have taken various actions towards dealing with the immigration problem. In 2013, the U.S senate passed a comprehensive bill that sought to link enhanced security with the process of citizenship for the country’s undocumented immigration.

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However, the proposal has not been passed in the house. The U.S senate and congress should ensure that they pass the new immigration laws to tackle the immigration concerns in the country as it affects the voting rights of the immigrants leaving in the U.S. Arguably; the states have experimented with immigration legislations that involve bills to increase access to higher education for the immigrants. In 2012, 13 states in the U.S initiated a process of ensuring that the undocumented immigrants who graduated from local high schools received state-sponsored tuition and education at the public colleges and universities (Abrajano and Zoltan 23