Sample Political Science Paper On Building America

Homework Question on Building America

  1. In the class lectures, certain events in the past (both American and non-American) played roles in shaping the American nation through its settlement history and the form of government that presently exists.
  2. Identify some of these key events and explain how they shaped today’s American government.

Homework Answer on Building America

Over the past century, America has evolved through numerous changes in its political, social, and economic arenas. The participation of Native Americans, Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians has attributed to this rebuilding process, hence bringing sovereignty and independence to America. The periodic occurrence of different events in America necessitated rebuilding of this nation to its current state.

The Marshall Plan has a real historical legacy to the development of today’s America. It concentrated on modernization and integration strategies to transform America. The program officials identified approaches that would make America economically independent. For instance, Immanuel Wexler hinted that America should focus on four great endeavors that include effective production practices, expansion of foreign trade, creation and maintenance of internal financial stability, as well as development of European economic cooperation.

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A productive spending of the government finance was the key responsibility of Economic Cooperation Administration Committee (ECAC). The funds obtained from the sale of European Recovery Program (ERP) supplied good were channeled to the America National Bank. This money was merchandised from the bank to private and public projects. In doing so, the government developed a strong foundation to restructure political and economic platforms.