Sample Political Science Paper On 1st GOP Republican Presidential Candidate

Homework Question on 1st GOP Republican Presidential Candidate

  • For this assignment, watch one of the two Republican presidential debates on October 6th (or later on the Internet) and write a one page response paper.
  • One paragraph should focus on summarizing what issues were discussed and which candidates “won” and “lost”.
  • The second should focus on your thoughts on the debate, and your opinions on the candidates and the issues.

Homework Answer on1st GOP Republican Presidential Candidate

Held at the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio the first Republican Party presidential debate had ten candidates while the other seven candidates participated in the 5:00 PM forum. Hosted by Ohio Republican party, Facebook and Fox News, the candidates tackled various topics ranging from race relations, immigration, foreign policy and abortion. Each candidate was given a few minutes to attract voters and prove why he was indeed the right flag bearer of the party.

Though the candidates didn’t engage in direct battles, we had the candidates criticizing others’ stands on some topics. Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor accused the senator for Kentucky Rand Paul for his failure in understanding the various threats to the United States of America in terms of terrorism and civil liberties. In response Paul dismissed him stating that he didn’t understand the Bill of Rights.

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Apart from Rand Paul, all the other candidates discarded Obama’s foreign policy which they termed as weakening America in it’s strive to strength relations with its allies. The candidates however, did not clearly state how they intend to improve the economy of USA. Rubio roughly talked of policy proposals and tax rates to be included in the budget, Huckabee, Paul and Walker touched to reduction of tax and Christie outlined his plan on retirement benefits age limit increase. On gay marriage, the candidates dismissed any comments on it, many of them citing religious liberty.