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Homework Question on ‘War of words heats up over South China Sea conflict’

  • Submit a News Summary on Global Security for Module Be sure to include the full citation or full URL of the media item you are using. Be sure to submit one paragraph that summarizes the media item and another paragraph that analyzes or critiques the media item.
  • The first paragraph should be a brief summary of the article. The second paragraph should be an analysis that demonstrates you have read and understand the article. That is, the first paragraph shows me that you read the article.
  • The second paragraph shows me that you thought about it. use only one of these resources NY Times BBC CNN Al-Jazeera

Homework Answer on‘War of words heats up over South China Sea conflict’

South China Sea is now a cause of disagreement between several Asian countries, whereby China is escalating massive land reclamation. An estimated 800 hectares of land have been reclaimed within one and half years. There is a heated debate over this region, especially now that Beijing is claiming 90 percent sovereignty. South China Sea has however attracted global dispute due to its possible rich oil and gas reserves.

Countries claiming to have a share of ownership include Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, and Taiwan. However, China has refuted and rejected criticism over its actions claiming it has clean and clear intentions while developing the islands; enhancing global security and improving maritime research. The dispute is now global with entrance of the United States as it is now shows concern over the same. The U.S has increased its over-flights and navy sailings to the contested resource rich region disapproving sovereignty assertions by China.

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Heavy military from various states is now common in the region, especially the disputed  Islands.Al-Jazeera gives an insight of what may spark one of the deadliest disputes of the 21st century. South China Sea does not lie on a particular territory but now the neighboring nations are not hesitating to claim it, as they expect to reap its huge resources. Considering that the associated countries are developed and capable of military action, and now the involvement of the United States, a war might occur; maybe a third world war.