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Homework Question on The Power of the President

  • We are about to examine the power of the president and the relationship between the president and Congress. The Obama administration is under fire right now because of the prisoner swap with the Taliban. Read the story at and answer the following questions in a full page (that is a full page total, not per question. And a page is 250 words if your word processor counts) no later than 11:59 pm on June 13th:
  1. Why are some veterans like Jason Carey upset that Bowe Bergdahl was being hailed as a heroic prisoner? Do you agree or disagree with Carey? Why?
  2. Why are some Congressional Democrats joining Republicans to criticize the swap?
  3. How did Bob Bergdahl’s appearance at the White House and his tweet fuel the controversy?
  4. What did Susan Rice say about Bowe Bergdahl’s time in the service and why was this controversial?
  5. What do you think about the administration’s handling of this situation? If you were the president would you have made the swap? Why or why not?

Homework Answer on The Power of the President

The veteran Jason Carey express his dissatisfaction with Bowe; he feels that he had deserted his country; he expresses his disappointment with Bowe mocking his nation and  publicly by stating he is ashamed of being one of them, he feel that Bowe is a traitor and doesn’t deserve the heroic identity. Jason is not pleased that he works hard for his rank as a sergeant and Bowe; with no hard work gets a heroic treat. I disagree, Bowe is a soldier and ended up as a prisoner of war, he voluntarily served his nation in uniform and so there is no problem with him being given a heroic recognition.

The democrats borrow the idea that the administration broke a law by not informing the congress as provided, that the administration have to avail the plan to the congress thirty days before releasing any detainee.Bob appeared at the state house with his bushy beards and made some statements in Arabic this married with his previous tweet stating dissatisfaction with US foreign policy and calls for Allah recognition raised eye brows and many felt that he is proclaiming Islam and appeared as giving thumbs up to the Taliban.

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Rice claimed that it is a special honor to have the swap to release the sergeant and the utterance gave rise to heated discussions on the validity of the statement after majority felt the administration made a wrong move.The administration handling of the situation’s dilemma is a hard nut to crack; it is in order to save life of any American however it is incompetence to go against states stands never to negotiate with terrorists. The switch was necessary to save the sergeant who was a captive of hostilities that he had undergone.