Sample Political Science Essays On “The Paradox of Plenty Hunger”

Homework Question on “The Paradox of Plenty Hunger in the Bountiful World”

  • The book “The Paradox of Plenty Hunger in the Bountiful World – Douglas H. Boucher, editor” Paper Instructions:
  1. Read “Part Four – The Free Market Path” Page 235-273.
  2. After reading “Part Four” the paper should include:
  • Summarization
  • Position, Remarks and Opinion
  • Conclusion

Homework Answer on “The Paradox of Plenty Hunger in the Bountiful World”


Part four on the free market path of the book, “The Paradox of Plenty Hunger in the Bountiful World” provides a summary of the free market economic principles and systems. It is clear in chapter four that free market economy would provide happiness to humanity by providing increased wealth, power, and strong influence over other nations. Part four describes the influence of free market economy in bringing about peace over the various nations.

Free markets allow for the development of a peace policy to enhance economic development. This is because the occurrence of threats affects the trade patterns as well as leading to increased economic costs. Thus, the chapter indicates that free markets offer increased incentives for enhanced economic growth. The political ideologies surrounding the economic systems have helped in displacing national royalties and policies.

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Moreover, the chapter also discusses the nature of international politics that affect food security. International politics also affect the potential of supply and demand in the free markets. For instance, the availability of resources such as finances and social access to economic commodities also limit the success of political economy. It is crucial to understand the historical nature of food insecurity and its relationship the inherent economic systems. The current economic systems limit the ability of the countries to secure commodities.