Sample Political Science Essays On The American Family Life

Homework Question on The American Family Life

  1. Compare and analyze the rise of Jewish violence in the West Bank/Israel and Islamic violence like Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt base on the theory of Fundamentalism.
  2. Apply conceptual thinking to empirics (case studies) -Books for references are Mark Jurgensmeyer,the Cold War?
  • Religious Nationalism Confronts the Secular State,1993. Introduction and chapter 2,Chapter 3: Gabriel A. Almond et al “Fundamentalisms:Genus and Species,” Strong Religion: The Rise of Fundamentalisms Around the World,2003 pp 90-115 -John L. Esposito, What Everyone Needs to know Abou Islam,Ny;Oxford Univ. Press, 2002.

Homework Answer on The American Family Life

According to Coontz, many families were better off by the end of the 20th century compared to the start of the century. Interestingly, towards the end of the century, the divorce rate was the highest, the educated women had fewer children, and the immigrant children flooded schools. More so, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases among men was high and streets in the neighborhood had increased amount of cocaine vials.

Nevertheless, things were better towards the end of the century compared to the start (Coontz). For instance, at the start of the century, children would be exploited because they would work in mines, sweatshops, and mills. More so, most employees would work for more than 10 hours in a day. Indeed, most times, the workers would work for six days in a week.  This meant that they would have limited time for the family.

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It is also worth noting that the rate of riots was more at the start of the century. Disgustingly, women were not supposed to vote. Accordingly, their pay was miniscule. As a result, a majority of women resulted to prostitution. Coontz notes that in 1900 the rate at which children died was high compared to the rate of deaths towards the end of the century. The rate of neglect and abuse by parents was also widespread and the men who divorced their wives did not proffer any support to the family. Most significantly, only about 6% of the kids finished high school (Coontz). About 88% of the children completed school towards the end of the century.