Sample Political science Essays On Sophistry

Homework Question on Sophistry

  • You need to sum up the key arguments in both, compare them and give me your own thoughts about how they handled their arguments ;
  • You have to write about 3000 words comparative review of two books relevant to the course.
  • These are the two books: compare these two books ;
  1. Michael Walzer, Just and Unjust wars
  2. Paul Kennedy, Preparing for the twenty first century

Write well and not too complicated terms

Homework Answer on Sophistry

Sophistry is the application of reasoning or arguments that sound acceptable but the argument in the real sense is false. Sophists are rhetoric teachers in Athens in the period of Socrates. They were intellectual figures, mostly considered as wise people. Sophists therefore are teachers or scholars who flourished in Greece initially then in Rome. Sophists made significant contributions to past western thoughts.

They offered counterarguments against which Plato and Aristotle defined philosophy after analyzing the objective truth and virtue. Sophism is essential as it can lead to identification of arguments (Gray, 2012). It is often assumed that sophists are arrogant charlatans who assume that they know everything. Sophists are rhetoric teachers who apply the language of persuasion to manipulate the public to accept their views.

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Because rhetoric focuses on persuasion, the public have assumed that its fundamental teachings can be applied in any situation and purpose.Once teachers acquire oratory skills, they are able to be more persuasive to non-experts. This ability is what defines the sophists as charlatans. Experts are persuasive and experts mostly use rhetoric. The main challenge with the rhetoric is their application for wrongs reasons, by charlatans.