Sample Political Science Essays On Political Ideology

Homework Question on Political Ideology

  •  All papers are to be typed, double-spaced, in a standard font and size (i.e.: Times New Roman 12, Arial 11) with page numbers, normal margins, and no extra spacing between paragraphs. Proofread your papers to check for typos, incomplete sentences, improper phrasing and spacing, etc.
  • Papers with excessive errors may be returned to you without a grade for revisions and marked late. For both assignments your textbook should be your primary resource. If you choose to use other sources, then you must include a bibliography of all sources used. Write your analysis in your own words and include citations for any quotes or ideas you borrow from these sources. Remember: Plagiarism is a serious offense; if you are caught you will receive a failing grade in the class.

In a 3-4 page paper address the following:

  1. What is your political ideology?
  2. Describe whether you consider your political ideology to be more closely aligned with liberalism, conservatism, or some other perspective on politics and society.
  3. Why do you hold these particular beliefs about government and politics?
  4. Which agents of socialization shaped your own thinking about political issues?
  5. What three political issues are most important to you?
  6. Which one or two are the least important to you?

Homework Answer on Political Ideology

The beliefs that people hold about those who have authority and how public policies should precede in a given territory are what constitute political ideology. According to Duhachek, political ideology involves sets of attitudes that express how society should act in order to attain social justice, as well as social order (59). Political ideology affects how individuals behave and direct their behaviors in politics and administration.

Political ideologies express how governments, as well as societies should organize activities that concern sharing of resources and power. Political analysts and scholars have come up with several forms of political ideologies, which include absolutism, socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. The US has experienced both liberalism and conservatism as the forms of governments because people do not hold similar views of political ideology.

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Every citizen strives to succeed in life, and all citizens aspire to live in countries that guarantee maximum freedom and minimum suffering. Citizens also prefer an assurance of good health for adults and children, as well as crime-free neighborhoods. All these issues require a political ideology to solve them. My political ideology, which I believe has the capacity to solve much of these issues, is liberalism. Liberalism stand a better chance of guaranteeing individual needs as compared to conservatism, which focus on empowering individuals to solve their own problems.