Sample Political Science Essays On Political Crisis

Homework Question on Political Crisis

  • Chapter 1 of Governing California (GC) discusses the current crisis of California government.
  1. According to the text, what is the crisis we face in California today and what are the 5 main elements of the crisis? Be sure to show that you understand how each element leads to a political crisis, i.e. inability of our political system to deal with current problems. Do not merely list the elements.
  2. What types of solutions have been introduced or proposed to resolve the crisis?

Homework Answer on Political Crisis

According to the text, the Californian Government is facing stiff crisis in history. There are five main elements of the crises. These include drought, government budget, education crisis, security and public safety crises. The five main elements of crises are affected by political crisis in the Californian government. First, the drought problems occur from natural factors that cannot be controlled by the government. Political crisis makes it difficult to establishment relevant policies to deal with the situations.

In addition, political catastrophe affects the distribution and evaluation of the government budget to the important needs in the state.  The lack of proper political direction has caused the stated crises in the Californian government.  Political crisis affects the allocation of resources for security and health care in the state. Therefore, political crisis affects the five elements of the economic growth in causing a total disruption of the economy.

Homework Help

In order to deal with the five elements of crises, there are various measures provided by the government. First, the introduction of effective fiscal management and business policies that helps to reduce government crisis in the state. The fiscal policies seek to ensure that all funds are allocated optimum in order to avoid wastage or embezzlement. The governor has also proposed some cut on the government spending by 10 per cent. The proposal seeks to gather enough funds to tackle the crisis in the states.