Sample Political Science Essays On Parliamentary Procedures

Homework Question on Parliamentary Procedures

  1. Attend a local city council, planning commission, county board of supervisors, school district, or special district meeting. Summarize the parliamentary procedures (agenda, opportunity to speak, and votes). The summary should also include the topics of discussion and debate.
  2. For students who do not have the ability to attend or watch a public meeting on television, a review of a public meeting through the local print media is acceptable.
  • Attach the article from which information for your summary was gathered.
  • The summary of such a meeting must be one typed page (double space)

Homework Answer on Parliamentary Procedures

The meeting of Sonoma County’s board of supervisors was held at 575 administration drive in room 102A in Santa Rosa, California. The meeting took place on Tuesday, November 3, 2015, and started at exactly 8: 30am with the following agenda;

Approval of advertising grant award program and to authorize the county administrator to initiate a contract with a specified entity.

Adopt a minute order resolution on the permit and resource management department to bring forward an amendment to the general plan to protect Atascadero marsh and the wetlands from south to mill station road on fifth district (“board of supervisors”).

Approve the county of Sonoma board of supervisors calendar of meetings for the year 2016

Support Material

The materials supporting the agenda are made available on the county’s website but not all the materials are made available online due to privacy, copyright, policy, and legal considerations. Other materials not available could be accessed at the venue from 8am to 5pm, any day from Monday to Friday.

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Opportunity to Speak

Any member of the public who would wish to address the meeting regarding any of the agenda is granted three minutes and required to follow the following procedures:

  • Step to the platform
  • Wait for recognition from the boar chair
  • State his or her name
  • Make comments