Sample Political Science Essays On Obstacles Poor Countries Face

Homework Question on Obstacles Poor Countries Face

The Prompt:

  • It is clear that countries today face many, very serious obstacles. What remains unclear, however, is whether these obstacles can be overcome. Some observers think it is possible, while others assert that it is not. What do you think? For this essay, you have two tasks.
  1. First, identify the main or most important obstacles that poor countries face. You must also explain how and why these obstacles are important.
  2. Second, answer the question: “Do you think poor countries can overcome the obstacles you have identified? If your answer is “yes,” you must explain how the obstacles can be overcome. If you answer “no,” you must explain why the obstacles cannot be overcome.

Homework Answer on Obstacles Poor Countries Face

Poor countries suffer many serious problems including those associated with higher population growth, poverty, and high corruption index. Economic and social growth of these countries depend on the maintenance of both factors, therefore, poor growth may result from inability of government to handle both appropriately. According to Lin (109), poor state of a country emanates from overpopulation and insufficient level of education.

The challenge of poor counties is poverty since involves the conception of social, economic, and political elements. It denies people basic needs. In addition, poverty continues to strike more poor countries due to inappropriate techniques of resource utilization. In less privileged counties, people internalize their attitudes and practices that keep them poor; hence, it is significant to understand those attributes since they are reacting to the three element conditions that inflict poverty on them.

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It is crucial that states recognize poverty as an obstacle to growth. Besides, it is one of the worldwide-agreed Millennium Development Goals; therefore, with it striking the economy it makes the attainment of sustainable development difficult.  Unemployment is at the center of poverty. The poor can only rely on their struggle to boost their standards of living. With a reduction in poverty index, people are able to afford essential needs giving the state an opportunity to focus on other developmental activities.