Sample Political Science Essays On Obama’s State of the Union Address

Homework Question on Obama’s State of the Union 2015 Address

  1. Please watch the State of the Union 2015 address and write one page about it.
  2. What do you thank about the speech, what did you like about…etc

Homework Answer on Obama’s State of the Union 2015 Address

The Union Address is a statutory requirement that mandates the President to address the nation in Congress regarding the position of US on issues of cognizant concern. The President took the legal provision to highlight a vision for the remaining two years he has in office. In so doing, he outlined areas of possible consensus with the Republicans while challenging them to support his efforts on American education, health care for children and tax breaks for middle class.

The union address mentioned issues concerning ways of reducing gun violence that has claimed many lives, and the contentious immigration laws where the President showed his willingness to assent to law comprehensive immigration reform bill that he would receive. In addition, the President revisited matters security by sending a stern warning to North Korea regarding their acts of producing dangerous nuclear weapons that would disrupt world peace and security.

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The address also depicts the commitment of the Obama administration to combat climate change for the sake of the future generations and his intent to encourage diplomatic solutions in Iran as well as the American mission of defeating Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.I think that the speech was timely at a time when the political temperatures had gone high implying a divided Congress. The speech served as a union call to mend the cracks that exist on the legislative wing of Obama’s administration.