Sample Political Science Essays On Israel Foreign Policy

Homework Question on Israel Foreign Policy

  • This paper is a review about Israeli’s foreign policy. It is a international affairs paper and should be talking about events over the past month or month and a half.
  • The paper should also be talked about from a perspective that this class is about “American intervention in the middle east”.
  • The instructions to what and how the paper should be written are bellow.
  1. What are you reading?
  2. Where are you reading it?
  3. What are you viewing/listening to (e.g., youtube, podcasts, etc.)
  4. and what are you learning about your country, from these sources?
  5. A bib/works cited at end of paper (any accepted citation format – APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. You do not need in-text citations.)
  6. Use internet sources only.
  7. You will submit a monthly synthesis about what you have read over the previous month (September). Each synthesis will be around 650 – 700 words for each month of reading. Discuss the most interesting news items and current events and connect them to the required readings of the course (modern middle east history and american intervention in middle east post world war 2)

Homework Answer on Israel Foreign Policy

Israel finished withdrawing its troops from Gaza in 2012.The media covered settlers as the people who were in very serious problems who needed help urgently though it was not the evacuated area and therefore, Gaza was not be called an occupied territory. However, all the above have not materialized, instead, the situation continues to deteriorate and the innocent people who live in Gaza are the ones who are facing the blunt of the war.

Currently, the Gaza strip is critically experiencing economic catastrophe that emanated from the failure to honor the previous agreements on both sides.The original agreement that was drafted, said that, there was no Israel military officer even a civilian was to remain in the evacuated territory. Israel does not care what the international community says when it is on war. This is the time the Palestinians are trying to come up into terms with the war, and assessing the reckless destruction that was caused by the Israel government.
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The war itself was unwarranted if the two parties had sat together and began looking for amicable ways of solving the impasse.The United States corporate media coverage of the problems between Israel and Palestine is completely biased and the issues on the ground are not fairly covered. The United States of America media, its policy and they are completely biased and the information given is tilted towards Israel.