Sample Political Science Essays On IR And Women Leaders

Homework Question on IR And Women Leaders

  1. Would IR operate differently if most leaders of states were women?
  2. What would be the differences be?
  3. What evidence (beyond gender stereotypes) supports your answer?

Purpose: This question is meant to help you think about what you have read and prepare you for discussion; hence answering this question and being prepared to discuss on the due date as required to participate in class.

Instructions: Answer the Critical Thinking Question Above.

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  • It must use a consistent and acceptable formula for documenting sources (footnotes, endnotes, or parenthetical documentation).
  • Use APSA – American Political Science Association Citation Style.

Homework Answer on IR And Women Leaders

International Relations (IR) involves establishment of foreign relations between nations for political and economic gains. For a long time, men have been involved in IR compared to women due to their self-interests and beliefs that women are inferior. However, women can make a great difference if they assume the operations of IR.  As mothers, women possess evolutionary incentives that assist in maintaining peaceful environment that favor their offspring and guarantee survival into the future.  I believe that women can contribute effectively towards international relations as heads of states.

The current state of masculine dominance may have been the driver to violence, as men strive to maintain state sovereignty. The assertion of power by the minority towards the majority is an aspect of masculinity. Sharing of resources among states influenced power relations that existed between sexes. Although women wielded much influence during hunting and gathering era, they never attained higher status than men (Hand 2003, 94).

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Women have never been known to initiate war, thus, they may fear situations that would amount to war. Lack of adequate contribution on political matters put women into periphery, but if they are allowed to contribute in peace-building, women are excellent in such operations.Marxism theory asserts for equality between men and women, as Marxism does not leave room to depict that men and women are different.