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Homework Question on Government Involvement

  1. How the government involvement may be good for the country (or not)

Homework Answer on Government Involvement

The success of businesses in every country is dependent on a number of factors: availability of funds, availability or ready market, labor, and the presence of required materials. There are private businesses and government-owned businesses. Government-owned businesses are usually referred to as parastatals, and are important in providing employment. Whether a business is privately owned or owned by the government, the government often has the final say on legality of the businesses. This explains why governments take part in regulating and controlling businesses within their country premises. This paper discusses how government involvement in businesses may be good for any country.

Government involvement gives opportunities of providing charters and other forms of businesses such as partnerships or limited liability companies. As a result, the companies or business that are controlled by governments, end up being financially liable. This is important as continuous financial irregularities in businesses may be destructive to a country’s economic growth.In the business world, various forms of contracts exist. They include mergers or acquisitions. The role played by government in such cases is enforcement. Illegal establishment of any business may prove costly for its proprietors.

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The government ensures there is uniformity and adherence to rules and regulations when businesses are getting into mergers and acquisitions.Another advantage government involvement in the economy has is that it ensures or enhances consumer protection. Governments have rolled out various court systems to ensure that when any product impacts on consumers negatively, the purchaser of the product holds the vendor responsible in a court of law. This is important because some unscrupulous businesses would go unpunished at the expense of innocent citizens.