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Homework Question on French System of Government

  1. Type -written paper on the historic and cultural background leading to the development of the French system of government. is this democratic system?Why or why not ?
  2. Describe the executive ,the legislature,parties and their background (how they develop,elections and the bureaucracy.

Homework Answer on French System of Government

Historic and cultural background

The emergence of the current French system of government took place over many centuries and is as a result of a combination of cultural influences of Romans, Franks and Gauls. France was mainly inhabited by a Centric-language group known as Gauls, once the Roman invasion of the territory started during the first century. The word “France” originated from the Franks that referred to an area around Paris and the place was known as the kingdom of France.

The medieval time was one of political disintegration even as the nation’s administrative bureaucracy developed. The church gave support to numerous monarchs who declared divine rule. Following a long sequence of wars, the nation attained political unity during the sixteenth century and French was the authorized language substituting Latin in official documents. During the 1789 revolution, the first Republic was established while the monarch was abolished.

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This era involved a sensitive sense of national personality with return to the revolution republican values. The period was also of heightened colonial development in Asia and Africa. During the Second World War with Vicky government under Petain and German occupation, there were conflicts of national identity as well as move to the rejection of the revolution ideals. After liberation towards the end of the war, the Fourth Republic was reconstituted, which resulted in the present Fifth Republic (Tuttle 45).