Sample Political Science Essays On Ebola Crisis on “Booming Africa”

Homework Question on Ebola Crisis on “Booming Africa”

  1. In what way does the Ebola crisis have a major impact or influence on “Booming Africa”?
  2. In what major way does the Ebola disease have little or NO impact on booming Africa?

Homework Answer on Ebola Crisis on “Booming Africa”

The emergence of Ebola in Africa is causing grief and anxiety. It poses a grave challenge to Africa prospering economy super significantly in a number of ways. 1). Restricted travel of goods and people. This policy has greatly affected international, regional and local trade. Many investors are left worried even some cancelling big Cooperate events. Tourism has also severely curtailed because airlines such as; Kenya airways, Emirates, British airways and several others have cancelled their flight to countries affected.

This restricted movement of goods and people and closing of bounders is predicated to reduce Gross domestic product by 25%. 2). Scared investors and Foreign experts. Countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria economies are expected to decline by 14% GPD as many investors withdraws their investments. Many Foreign experts are fleeing the countries for the fear of contracting Ebola. The mining industries in this countries are worst affected. Some of the companies such as; Canadian oversee petroleum, China Union, Tawana Resources and Arcelor mitall have suspended their operations and sent their foreign workers home. 3).

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Agriculture. The outbreak of Ebola is estimated to decline the GPD of countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Guinea. Agriculture contributes on average 34.5% GPD of the countries. Ebola outbreak has significantly disrupted planting season. This will in turn affect the food security of Africa. These challenges threaten Africa economy entirely. Ebola outbreak is real in Africa however it is not identical with African countries.