Sample Political Science Essays On Civic Participation

Homework Question on Civic Participation

  • Research Paper Description: You will write a 12-15 page essay that evaluates a civic issue as it applies to your field of study or anticipated profession.
  • The issue must be one that affects civic life both domestically and internationally. 
  • Requirements: The paper must:
  1. Analyze and evaluate a specific issue related to your discipline that shapes civic life.
  2. Articulate and support with well-reasoned arguments your own concept of justice, and how it relates to your field of study/profession and to your understanding of your roles as a citizen.
  3. Utilize five sources of information.
  4. Contain a bibliography
  5. MLA Style

Homework Answer on Civic Participation

Civic participation refers to the support and encouragement among members of the public to engage and become part of processes influencing issues affecting their lives. Civil duties therefore involve engaging community members to be collective sources of change on issues affecting them on social, economic, political, and cultural aspects. Civil issues affect people diversely. For example, people can fail to make viable decisions to enhance governance based on the resources available and allocated in a community.

As a result, people’s sovereignty and civil engagement undermines the principles of governance. More so, qualified people determined to formulate policies to reform and improve public institutions are neither motivated nor supportive. Consequently, social, political, and economic aspects impact arts diversely. They determine civic engagements based on the purpose to assess and influence current states of knowledge with regards to cultural and art community organizations (Keeter, Cliff, Molly and Krista 21).

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Public agencies and philanthropists are tasked with supporting and improving quality of arts, culture, and humanities through knowledge. Social sciences, public policies, and humanities are basic approaches that attempt to bridge people through art and theatre. They provide initiatives with evaluated approaches that are credible across diverse audiences and fields in art and theatre. Arts greatly influence societies on global platforms.