Sample political Science Essay Paper on the US polls

Blog Commentary

For a person who aims to remain relevant as far as the US polls are concerned, he/she can utter anything that will elicit different reactions; Donald Trump is practicing that. However, spreading hatred and malicious information in order to gain fame and succeed in becoming a president is a miscalculation for Trump. Though the whites make the largest population in USA, Trump seems to be underestimating the blacks and their white sympathizers who see them as their equals and not enemies.

The unapologetic Trump has gone ahead to provide figures from a non-registered agency. This shows the dirty games he is trying to present before the electorates where some may fall prey of the misinformation and vote him in.  The continued hatred against races and religion from him shows the high magnitude of hatred he will have against some aspects of national interest when voted in.

What Trump does not put into consideration is that he is vying to be the president of a world superpower and not a state. In addition, if he is voted in, he will be required to treat all residents of the United States equally. It is ironical for a person who aims to be the president to disobey the constitution by misinforming people, for instance, his recent comments about Muslims has made some people regard him as an entertainer and not a person fit to occupy the white house.

He might be ahead of the rest of the GOP presidential candidates but he should remember that becoming republican’s presidential flag bearer does not guarantee him presidency. There are democrats who have formed the government in the last two general elections.