Sample Political Science Essay Paper on Equality

   Equality refers to a resemblance in quality, status, and degree among others. It refers to evenness in treatment and recognition for all irrespective of their differences. It originated from Latin old word aequalis, which means level or even.

     It is thought that all men are born natural and free. However, apart from an absolute emotional appeal to the hearts of people, the concept of natural and complete equality of all cannot be fully achieved and realized. Human beings differs in their physical features capabilities and mental capacity. Some are superior and stronger than others while others more gifted intellectually than others. Indeed, because of the presence of some natural dissimilarity in the society, people cannot be ultimately equal. The concept of equality suggests that all people must have similar opportunities for development to occur. In fact, when individuals emphasize the parity of all persons they mean general and fair balance and not absolute equality.

Equality does not mean total impartiality in all areas and persons. As physical and wit in human being varies, it tends not to target at bringing in identity of treatment. What it tends to advocate for is equitable treatment concerning the distribution of wealth, political power, and social opportunities. Undoubtedly, equality has to stand to eliminate all unnatural human-made inequalities, such as privileged classes in the society, and in the end, minimize as much the possible the gap between the rich and poor. Additionally, it means absolute fairness at the bottom-most level and then similaropportunities to develop one’s inherent capability and satisfaction.  The contemporary aim of social equality as delineated is to eliminate gender inequalities, to ensure that there are equal statuses and opportunities for the women and men to live and develop.