Sample Political Science Essay Summary on Los Mineros

Los Mineros

The film Los Mineros explores the struggle for equality among the copper mine workers of Arizona in 1903. The mine workers’ experiences as shown through interviews, photographs and clips, the film sought to represent the struggle for wage equality among the immigrant workers in the mines. Most Mexican immigrants worked in the copper mines in Arizona but their roles were marred with unequal wages. The film explores four main themes in relation to the copper mines.

The themes included oppression, discrimination, ethnic and racial segregation and unequal labor. The key purpose of the documentary was to establish the history of America with regards to the abolishment of the wage system. Since the four themes were rife in the American labor system during the 1970s, they have the potential of putting the copper mine struggles in context.

The key theme in the documentary is that of labor inequality. This theme is indicated through the different treatment of the Mexican immigrants in the mines. From the film, the Anglos and Mexicans constantly fight for improved labor rights. This is because they are not regarded as worthy of the rights. The theme of racial and ethnic segregation is clearly seen in the documentary. Most of the African American workers and Mexicans were not privy to good pay and improved work conditions. The whites were treated differently.

In the portrayal of racial discrimination, the different treatment of blacks and whites is clearly depicted. The blacks had harsh living conditions due to low wages while the whites had better work and living conditions. The theme of oppression on the other hand, is also shown through local authorities. The Mexican workers were harassed due to their lack of citizenship. Low wages and poor living conditions also constitute oppression.

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