Sample Political Science Essay Summary on French Culture

French Culture

The current system of French government developed over many centuries as a result of several interactions with other cultures. France was predominantly occupied by people of a language known as the Gauls. The medieval times in the development of French culture was characterized with political disintegration. Initially, the region was under a monarchy but was further substituted with religious rule. In addition to this, the 1789 revolution led to the establishment of the first French Republican. Following various changes, subsequent republicans were formed in France (Tuttle 45). 1876 also formed an important turning point for the French nation and French culture. The declaration of the man’s rights and the rights of citizens can also be recognized as an important point of change in the French culture. Through this declaration, the French government committed to the replacement of the old regime with a new system based on equality of speech, representative government and opportunity. Through this declaration, the French system was made to be fewer than two oversight judicial groups which include the Constitutional Council and the Council of State.

The president of France is elected through voting and serves for a five year term. The president appoints the prime minister whose responsibility it is to form the government. The prime minister does this by recommending the other ministers to the president. The collaboration between the prime minister and the other ministers enables them to run the government business. The legislative system in France is run through two chambers. All the parliament members and all senators are selected through universal suffrage by the country citizens. French politics is characterized by the existence of two different political groupings. The French Socialist party is the left wing based party while the right wing party is the neo- Gaullist Union for a Popular Movement.


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