Sample Political Science Essay Summary on Challenges in Saudi Arabia

Challenges in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia being my country, I chose to analyze the social, political and economic challenges that are prevalent in the country. The greatest challenge in Saudi Arabia is the decline in oil prices. Oil is the key source of revenue in the country. This implies that decline in the prices of oil translates to a decline in national revenue for the country. Overreliance on oil as a source of revenue compounds the challenge even further. To address this problem, the government and other policy making outfits are currently seeking alternative sources of revenue for the country to rely on as a source of revenue. Through attainment of an alternative revenue source by the country, the overreliance on oil can be reduced. Apart from this, the country also faces the challenge of unemployment among the youths. With many people lacking gainful employment, the living standards are continuously being strained. The prices of basic commodities combined with poor wages for some jobs also make the effects of unemployment even more difficult to bear.

Other problems that exist in Saudi Arabia include lack of affordable housing and strained diplomatic relationships with key national allies. The country’s allies such as the United States have continued to experience strained relationships with Saudi Arabia. The impact has been low levels of support for national development agendas. Tribalism has also been cited as a key challenge in Saudi Arabia, with strife being reported mainly between the tribes in the North and those in the south. The impacts of tribalism in the country have been immense such as the inappropriate distribution of resources and lack of employment among other tribes. On the other hand, the success of the country can be described through aspects such as the political status, education system, humanitarian efforts and social justice. The freedom of women however still faces a challenge.


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