Sample Political Science Critical Thinking Paper Summary on State Policy

State Policy

The comparative analysis of states carried out will focus on New York and Louisiana. The particular areas of focus will be on the federal mandates and grant programs which compelled both states towards resolution of the policy problem. The federal mandates are located in the constitution while the grant programs are the monies that are paid to institutions without need to be refunded. In the state of Louisiana, grant programs are offered to institutions to assist students who are incapable of paying fees. The grants are given based on packaging policy which defines eligibility for the grants offered. The grant programs available in the state include the LAICU grants (Hou, 2013), Conservation Innovative grants and Wetlands restoration grants. The programs outline the grant type, amounts, eligible applicants, application deadlines and official contacts of all the applicants. On the other hand, the grant programs in New York include state programs, student aid programs, organization programs and local programs which assist the needy students (New Jersey, 2013).

The policies that guide grant issuing in the state of New York are accessible from the grants management website. In addition to the aforementioned, the state also provides grants for the disabled, for recreation, for substance abuse and agriculture among other ventures. In New Jersey, grants are offered to cater for education, agriculture, health and community matters among other areas. The grants offered are awarded to rural development, conservation and agriculture programs. From these findings the key similarities between the three states include availability of grants to same sectors and access via state website. On the other hand, the three states have different grant eligibility criteria across all the sectors receiving the grants.



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