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Homework Question on Sexual Orientation

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  1. Can a man have sex with a man and identify himself as a heterosexual male? If yes, what would be the reasons he would have sex with another man if he feels he is straight? If no, why not?

Homework Answer on Sexual Orientation

A man can have sex with another man yet he is still heterosexual. Many men who engage in sex with other men are not necessarily gay. They may be bisexual or not, as curiosity can drive men to engage in such act. Bisexual men are attracted to both men and women, though they tend to hide their identity towards straight. Sometimes situational sexual behavior may push a man to engage in homosexuality, for instance, when one is imprisoned or in the military service.

Since there are no women in such environment, men may turn to other men for sexual gratification. Such environment may lead to a heterosexual man engage in homosexuality to quench his sexual needs.Men can have sex with other men to satisfy their sexual urge. In this case, anonymous men are readily accessible to offer this service, but women require an emotional bonding before engaging into the act.  Some men are not ready for such commitment; thus, they turn to other men to release their sexual urge.

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For heterosexual men who connect with other men for sex, they may not necessarily be in romantic relationship. Some men claim that they like to bond with other men, as male bonding is not as complicated as that of women. Men are not as emotional as women are and therefore, they do not cling to strong relationships. Their relationship is purely for sexual satisfaction and no string attached.