Sample Political Science Paper On Federalist System

Homework Question on American-Style of Democracy 

  • Defense of Marriage Act 1996 (DOMA) Your essay should conclude with your own thoughts about federalism.
  1. What strengths or weaknesses do you see in the federalist system?
  2. What do you think can be done to improve federalism in America?
  • Federal Mandates · Full-faith and credit clause · Checks and Balances · Vertical Federalism · Horizontal Federalism · Devolution · 10th Amendment (State’s Rights) · Supremacy Clause (Article VI) ·Federalism divides power between the national government and the states; it gives the national government the power and authority it needs to meet the demands of the large, diverse nation but also preserves the self-governing power of each state. With this in mind, answer the question below:
  1. Essay Question In your essay, describe the system of federalism and explain why the framers chose this system of government.

Homework Answer on American-Style of  Democracy 

Federalism is a type of government that is also known as multi- level government (Davies, Mackeever 2013). It is a system of governance where two categories of governments govern a given place. It can therefore be said to be a system of government where the governance is divided between a central government, which is tasked with the governance of the whole country, and a local government that is tasked with governance in a specific locality.

Both the central and the local governance therefore affect the territory and are allowed to make laws and to ensure their enforcements. The central and local governments are given some level of independence from each other. Federalism as a system of governance encourages decentralisation. Federalism is a democratic system of governance. The sharing of powers between the central governance and the state or local governance gives rise to a federation.

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There are a number of countries in the world that adopts this system of governance. These countries include Colombia, Canada, U.S.A and India. As can be seen from these countries, federalism is one of the most successful forms of a democratic government.Federalism in the U.S has been the system of governance since the country gained independence. This is majorly because the country is made up of different states and at the time of the union, each state had different laws and different leaders.