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Homework Question on Six Principles of Political Realism

  • Your assignment is to read, analyze and critique the article Six Principles of Political Realism by Hans Morgenthau. In your review you may consider the critiques of Ann Tickner in International Politics, but you should not feel limited by her analysis. You may even disagree with both Tickner and Morganthau.
  • You should restate Morgenthau’s main thesis and argument briefly, but most of your paper should point out the key questions his approach raises and provide your analysis of the value of the author’s perspective for understanding international relations. At minimum, you should answer the following questions:
  1. What are Morgenthau’s main arguments and what school of political thought do they represent?
  2. Does Tickner agree with him? Why or why not? What is her main thesis?
  3. How would you characterize it based on our discussions in class so far?
  4. How would you critique Morgenthau?
  • Do his arguments help us understand international politics or are there better explanations? Again, this should be your analysis, not simply a summary of these texts.
  • Your paper should be not more than 1500 words. Please double space so I have room to provide comments.

Homework Answer on Six Principles of Political Realism

There are various issues brought forward by Morgenthau in his article of political –realism. He believes that for international relations to be upheld, which would create a peaceful coexistence between nations, the fundamental realities about political atmosphere must be scrutinized. These precepts, he explains, are based on human behavioral characteristics that the common person advocates for, and hence he mostly focused on the social nature of man, the perceptions, and the laws that governs man.

The six principles in essence advocate that in order for a better international political ambience to be achieved, the interest, motives, and the moral laws governing man must be scrutinized. In this essay, I tend to exhaustively analyze the profound precepts explained by these principles. Additionally, I would create a platform for criticism on these six renowned principles basing my judgments from the point of view of Tickner and my own rationale.

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The first principle explicates that the political arena is profoundly governed by the laws that are quite objective in nature. The various objective laws are generally formed according to the human beliefs, perceptions, and cultural norms. Human nature is also unchanging and so he purports that through this stance, we can successfully develop a theory that is rational, which can possibly reflect the kind of objective laws that anchors the political arena.