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Homework Question on What ISIS Really Wants

  • Its argument essay about Graeme Wood’s article What ISIS Really Wants “,” he argues that “the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic.”
  1. Is he right? What does it mean to say that the Islamic State is “very Islamic” that their theological interpretation is right that they are in fact motivated by it, or something else?
  2. Does this determination of whether the Islamic State is in fact Islamic matter from a practical perspective? If so, how does it matter? I want to explain that Isis is explain Quran and Hadeeth t(sunnah)ext based on their on interest. and it’s not true as well , and what is the core religion idea driving Isis . as well as answer the questions above. this article has many review from the scholars to discuss what includes.
  3. I want to say that Islam does not driving Isis but their Ideology which use the Islam text to support their work
  4. Introduction and conclusion – Isis attracted the neurotic and psychiatric patients groups and adventure seekers and a crowd of disgruntled on the general situation in the Middle East
  5. Is Isis true Islam? I add some resources and please add more from the think-tank and Violent Non- state actors scholars opinion call me if you need any question.

Homework Answer on What ISIS Really Wants

The radical militants have formed their own freedom in the imploding states of Iraq and Syria. They have declared a caliphate and ensnared thousands of alien fighters into their nations. They have massacred innocent people, enslaved women and executed captives (Dagli, par.1). Through several interviews with Islamic State followers and backers, Wood builds an argument relating to why jihadists’ religious worldview should be taken seriously.

According to Wood, Islamic State is Islamic and it has attracted both the psychopaths and adventurers, drawn mainly from the estranged citizens of the Middle East and other parts of Europe (Dagli, par. 2). He further asserts that religion sermonized by its most devoted followers comes from rational and even scholarly interpretations of Islam. However, religion, according to this point of view, does not act as a driver of behavior but as a medium for rage and, importantly, a symbol of identity.

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ISIS uses wrong interpretation of Islam to serve their ideology which is completely wrong since Islam does not incite violence but it encourage its followers to respect others and forbids killing of others. Their interpretation of Islam explains the group’s cruel behavior, and these be headings, which is a tolerable type of execution in sharia law, demonstrates religious fervor. ISIS draws two types of people: Muslims who have just come out from jail or migrant Muslims who have failed to integrate into the society.