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Homework Question on Ethical Violation

  • Write a paper in which you address the following three (3) items using headers to separate each response:
  1. Identify one (1) member of Congress who has ethically violated his position. Briefly discuss the reason for the ethical violation and provide two (2) reasons why you agree or disagree with the verdict and any penalties. Provide examples to support your answer. Note: Consider how the verdict and penalties impacts your trust of the members of Congress.
  2. Discuss two (2) political reasons why a third party candidate has never been successful in winning a presidential election. Provide examples to support the answer. Note: Consider the political impact of the Republican and Democratic Party if a third party was successful.
  3. Identify one (1) current issue facing the United States today. Determine whether the issue is under the jurisdiction of federal or state authority. Briefly discuss the Amendment in the Constitution this issue addresses and provide two (2) changes you would make to the Amendment to resolve the issue. Provide examples to support the answer. Note: Consider the judicial process it would take to change this Amendment.

Homework Answer on Ethical Violation

Question One

A member of the congress who has ethically violated his position is Representative Aaron Schock. He is accused of failing to be ethical and spending more on campaign when he was a youthful Illinois Republican. Due to the arising allegations, Schock decided to resign from his position after declared to have misused federal funds and engaged in campaign finance violations.

The reason for these ethical violations is evident when this fourth term congress man developed an interest of redecorating his office. Other factors that contributed to Schock ethical violations are travel reimbursements that incorporated lavish trips at the expense of official funds. Additionally, this member of the congress violated his office when he became part of property dealing with donors. To pave way for investigation and further inquiries, Schock was forced to leave the congress (Blake, 2012).

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I agree with this verdict because it reveals that Rep Schock had the best interest for his office and constituents when he made the decision to leave the congress. This penalty is significant because it gives the congress sufficient time to evaluate his reputation that portrayed him as a corrupt politician. For instance, his stepping aside will enable the congress to scrutinize all its members and eradicate individuals who are associated with corruption charges. This verdict or penalty has an impact on trust of congress members in a way that they will lose respect for him.