Sample Physical Science Essay on Los Mineros

Los Mineros


            The film of Los Mineros investigates the state of labor history in copper mining regions in Arizona. It reveals that most of the Mexican immigrants were working in the copper mines from 1903. The purpose of the film, Los Mineros sought to understand the labor struggle for equal wages in Arizona. The documentary, it can be revealed how the immigrants were struggling and working hard to earn their wages. However, later the pay rate used in the mines was abolished calling for equality in the wage payment. The film used different clips, photographs, and personal interviews to understand the struggles in equal wages. The film was aimed at evaluating the American history by analyzing the abolishment of the wage system. Most importantly, the films cover four main themes including racial and ethnic segregation, discrimination, labor inequalities, and oppression. These are controversial themes surrounded the American civil rights campaigns in the late 1970s. Thus, the themes helps in providing a proper understanding of the issues as explored in Arizona mines.


Labor inequalities forms the main theme discussed in the film of Los Mineros. Throughout the film, the directors sought to provide the adverse effects of labor inequities that were faced by t eh Mexicans. Most of the workers in the mines were Mexican immigrants and thus, the whites felt they did not have any labor rights.  However, the film shows who the Anglos and Mexicans fought for labor equality in the mines. As a result, the film provides nature of labor struggles by the Mexican immigrants in Arizona, which was later abolished.

 The theme of racial and ethnic segregation that been explored well in the film. Considering that most of the workers were Mexicans, the whites were not ready to offer improved working conditions. It revealed that most of the African American workers were segregated in terms of good pay and promotion. Los Mineros is relevant in understand the situation of racial and ethnic segregation in the American history.

Apart from racial and ethnic segregation, the film also exposes the viewers to the theme of discrimination. The American history was characterized by increased discrimination to the blacks due to their skin colour. Discrimination can be revealed from the favors provided to the whites while the blacks were left to endure hardships during the mining work.  Most of the interviews reveal that the blacks often faced harsh living conditions due to the lack of good wages.  Thus, discrimination is comprehensively covered in the film of Los Mineros.

Another theme explored in the film is oppression. From the events of the documentary films, I can note that the local authorities oppressed most of the Mexican workers. This follows their lacks of citizenship. Even the lack of good wages and discrimination form some main aspects of oppression in the film. Thus, oppression was a major concern as discussed by the film.


In summary, I understood the adverse experiences of the African Americans endured in the America in the late 1980s. However, the film shows the labor struggle in which the Mexican were able to gain improved wages. The disparate pay rate system was abolished during the struggles allowing the Mexican workers to obtain equal pay with other workers. I appreciate the labor struggle as it makes a major historical record in promoting equality in the American society.

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