Sample Phylosophy Essay On Mythos and logos

  Homework Question on Mythos and logos

  1. Discuss how Parmenides determines, via logos, not mythos, that Being is the only reality.
  2. According to Melissos of Samos (and Sextus Empiricus), what are the four corollaries that follow from Parrnenides’s result?
  3. Demonstrate and/or discuss the derivations of as many of the corollaries as you can.

Homework Answer on Mythos and logos

Ancient Greece is renowned for her philosophers who have influenced thinkers all over the world for many ages. Mythos and logos were two philosophieswhich played a big part in the development of Greek literature and philosophy.Mythos is a story or set of stories relevant or having a significant meaning for a particular culture or society.An example is”Aesop’s Fables”.Logos, on the other hand, is literally device-an argument used to convince or persuade a target audience by using logic or reason. Both are the ways of explaining to the world.

Logos uses logical thinking or reason. It made people function effectively, corresponding to external reality. Greeks used logos to organize society,plan wars, make weapons and innovate.Mythos was not an accurate historical account. It was stories or story that could have happened and will always happen.Mythos helped people to face suffering and find meaning in a world(life) which was confusing or mysterious. They taught as profound truths about our humanity. Asphilosophies, both were essential and complimentary. This discussion relates to the concept of the One in its various iterations from Anaximander.

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Parmenides was a pre-SocratesGreek philosopher, founder of Eleatic school of philosophy, in his poem on nature he describes views of reality. Greek philosopher Parmenides (5th century)invented logic logos-he used anextended argument for his views.However, he did not formulate or study principals of argumentation. His style of argument could have been influenced by Pythagoras his disciple. Zeno understood the general rules of argumentation. He used a logical principal of establishing a claim,by showing that its opposite leads to absurd consequences.