Sample Philosophy Research Paper Summary on the Contribution and Impact of Greek Philosophy on Human History

The Contribution and Impact of Greek Philosophy on Human History

The Impacts of Greek philosophy on Human history can only be fully understood by first understanding what constitutes philosophy. This is however difficult to define due to the range of assertions that exist and also the dynamic nature of the use of that word. In the traditional eras, philosophy involved all subjects such as chemistry, history, astronomy and others. This has since changed leading to the exclusion of some of these from the definition. There are debates regarding the importance of philosophy, existence and use of absolute knowledge and the contribution of Greek philosophy to human history (Button 4).

However it is undeniable that Greek history contributed to the integration of the empirical with the abstract and recognition of the importance of both aspects towards attaining truth. One of the factors that have driven the belief that Greek philosophy contributed to human history is the belief of Greek figures such as Aristotle and Plato that the senses do not form the sole method for data gathering. Through this belief, aspects such as experimentation were encouraged.

The Greek Philosophers applied the concept of geometry widely in the approximation of distances. This formed the basis of modern day architecture and construction. Through construction of shapes, the Greeks managed to use this same concept in navigation. The integration of the abstract and the empirical brought the birth of syllogism, which combines geometry with logic. This concept is in wide application today in areas such as logical decision making. The Greeks also instituted the aspects of dualism and causality which explain the origin of things. These concepts have had immense impacts on the science and the religious worlds. They, particularly Plato, initiated the concept of ethics, arguing that every decision should be evaluated based on the situation at hand (Stace 315).



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