Sample Philosophy Research Paper on Education Is Power

It gives both the individuals and the society the power to change their lives. There has been an outcry on how the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. Higher education institutions seek to correct this trend by offering children from deprived backgrounds, the opportunity to change their standards. These students would also be able to change the lives of their families and the people around them. An article published on the times higher purpose website gives an example of the challenges faced by higher education institutions. Universities, for example, have the objective of making the society fairer and just in the eyes of the people.

This objective means that these institutions must carefully choose the content that they provide to their students. The question of jobs skills should come second after the development of moral values among the students. The writer of the article, Stephen Schwartz explains the various people have on higher education. The Brunel University’s vice-chancellor points out that the student, outsiders and academicians all have different perspectives on the role of higher education. Higher education institutions accommodate students from all walks of life; different races, religions and social status. By coming together, students learn and appreciate other cultures. This makes a society more open and just by reducing prejudice related to cultures or race.

The exposure the students get from the university not only develops their mind, but also their soul. The universities are not places where one goes to get a degree for the purposes of having a good job. They are meant to enable a person to be both useful to him and to the society as well. The economy of the country depends on the skills developed in schools, but the moral values help keep the society together and happier.