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Homework Question on Philosophical Theories

  1. Describe the original position as envisioned by Rawls, and explain how Rawls breaks with Social contract theorist that come before. Theorist: Hobbes Locke Rousseau
  2. On what principles do Mary and Hitler Base their political theories!?

Homework Answer on Philosophical Theories

The original position as envisioned by Rawls entails two specific points. The first idea infers that the originality and fairness perspective accords individuals equal rights to the broadest, basic forms of freedom that are compatible with other rights given to other people. The second notion embodies dualistic aspects; economic and social imbalances. The two sides necessitate an arrangement that offers equalities to all types of people in terms of open office positions to everyone.

Secondly, all acquired advantages should include all people with no conditions of biasness.The social contract theories that existed prior to Rawls viewed the subject mainly as an individual’s political obligation together with the moral views that rely on societal agreements. However, Rawls’ perspective on social contract theories differs from those of his counterparts like Hobbes and Rousseausince; he personified the Kantian version.

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Rawls’ version presents a rather abstract perspective because he proposes that people must show willingness and rationality in order to assent justice restrictions and generate systematic civilizations. Rawls discourages the ignorant veil embodied by the general public of the society in the name of social contracts.The political theories embraced by Mary and Hitler both embody different aspects. Mary stands for a feminist perspective, enclosed in cosmopolitan political practice.